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Process of Stud Welding

Learn About Stud Welding and its Process

Stud welding is a process where a fastener is placed (with a hand tool called the stud gun) in contact with the base metal. A high-voltage weld arc is drawn, which melts the fastener and an area of the metal work piece for metal fastening.

The fastener is then forced into the melted area, keeping it in place until the metals re-solidify. This high-quality fusion arc weld is complete in milliseconds and is accomplished by one of two major methods. 

About Our Stud Welding Work

Our professionals have over 30 years of experience in providing outstanding stud welding services. Our services include:
  • Stud rails
  • Field stud welding
  • Deck stud welding
  • Welding for bridges
Call us at 314-939-1701 to learn more about our stud welding process.
We're affiliated to "Iron Workers local 396 International Association of Bridge Structural Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers."
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